CPD - Human Rights Tribunal

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  • Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate 
  • Practice and Procedure before the Tribunal 
  • Applications and Responses 
  • Motions and preliminary matters
  • Hearings before the tribunal 
  • Ethical considerations in human rights practice and procedure and at mediation 
  • Mediation and settlement 
  • Mediation practice before Tribunal

Also featuring Jay Stoyan, co-founder of The Disability Network, a not for profit network with a mission to support, educate, employ and be an information hub for #PwD across Canada and global, and Jagmeet Singh, a New Democratic member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and well-known proponent of human rights. Jagmeet compares and contrasts the legislative versus judicial approach to human right reform and speaks about how Court challenges and human rights tribunal applications can complement efforts to lobby politicians to bring in or to support legislation that addresses the human rights concerns.

Hugh Scher, Scher PC Law

Andrea Stoddart, Israel Foulon LLP

Mark Handelman, Human Rights Tribunal

Mindy Noble, Human Rights Legal Support Centre