Landlord and Tenant CPD

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Christina Nastas and Chris Surowiak

  • Bed bugs, hoarders, and other interesting cases
  • Dealing with self-represented parties / addressing mental health and personal safety issues

Jaclyn Solomon

  • The N12
  • When a landlord wants the property for its own use
  • Testing the landlord’s assertion that it does in fact require the unit for its own use 

Monica Decock

  • Tenant Applications

Kathleen Lovett

  • The ABC’s of arrears to garnishment in the Small Claims Court
  • The pitfalls and successes
  • Duty not to knowingly mislead the tribunal

Douglas Levitt

  • The right that parties have to appeal
  • The powers of the court on appeal
  • The procedure to appeal
  • Two different methods that a respondent can use to obtain a quick disposition of a tenant appeal (being a motion to dismiss for delay/and a motion to quash)