Frequently Asked Questions


1. “I have forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?”

 On any page, click on the link under the username and password fields that says “lost password?” and follow the instructions.

 2. “My password isn’t working. Is there something wrong with the website?”

 It’s possible but generally it’s human error. We have recently simplified the password requirement so once you've logged in, change it to something that's easy for only you to remember. If you're still having trouble, use the "contact support" link above and be sure to include your phone number.

 3. “I’ve been waiting for my account confirmation email but it hasn’t arrived yet. What’s up?”

 There can be a few reasons for this but typically, the user isn’t certain which email they should be checking for the confirmation email or that mail has somehow slipped into their spam or junk folder. Check all of your inboxes and your junk folders if this happens.

 4. “Do I need to be a member to browse the website?”

 It is free to browse the site and in the future, we intend to offer more free modules. Currently, all of our courses are paid programs.

 5. “I’ve purchased access to your upcoming webinar. How do I access the webinar session?”

 Once you’ve paid for access to the webinar, the “webinar access” link and all of the corresponding course materials will be available to you. Paid enrollees enjoy a specified access time frame to the archive which can be found by browsing to “MY COURSES>SELECT COURSE YOU'VE ENROLLED FOR>VIEW ARCHIVE>VIEW RECORDING”, found within the course page 24 hours after the webinar.

6. “What if I don't have a PayPal account?”

 In addition to PayPal we also accept payments through for our courses. This option will show as a "blue" payment button and will read "pay with card". Seminar attendees can pay in person but they can also conveniently pay for their enrollment via PayPal or Stripe. If you are more familiar with PayPal but don't have an account, simply click on the "I don't have a PayPal Account" link when you arrive at the PayPal portal and enter your info. All enrollees will have access to the course materials once available. Click here to see a brief tutorial.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 May 2016, 1:42 PM